Печи Кузнецова





620143  Ekaterinburg

Pobedy Street 51 - 87


Dear professional craftsmen, beginners, oven lovers, as well as everyone who wants to!
Academy "R.A.Z.U.M." together with the non-profit partnership "Development of the Kuznetsov Furnace System" announces the holding of the Fifth Practical Seminar in Omsk AzGrad 2021, with the participation of Igor Viktorovich Kuznetsov (remotely), and under the leadership of Viktor Igorevich Kuznetsov from May 1 to May 9, 2021.

Everyone is invited to the seminar. Masters - to improve their qualifications. Beginners - in 9 days of training, they will be able to build a real furnace.
Lovers - to plunge into the process of birth of a "living" oven.

The program of the seminar includes the construction of four furnaces.

More information can be found on the banners attached below.
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