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Seminar in Lithuania 2013

Practical seminar of stove workers "Summer in Lithuania - 2013". Result

. The non-profit partnership "Kuznetsov Furnace Systems Development" (NP RSPC), together with Lithuanian partners, held an international training seminar from 03 to 17 June 2013.

The seminar was attended by 33 people from 7 countries: Russia, Belarus, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Italy, Ireland, Belgium. The seminar aroused great interest among the public, which was visited by many guests.

During the seminar, theoretical studies on the design and construction of furnaces in the SDG system were conducted by I.V. Kuznetsov. A lot of lectures were given by sponsors, manufacturers of materials, furnace constructions, engineering equipment of buildings, who presented their products and technology. These are the companies: Latvian, LODE; Austrian RATH and its representative in Lithuania; Schiedel and Vilpra (chimneys)

They completely completed the construction of stoves with bricks, chimney systems and binding materials, as well as conducted training seminars.

We are grateful to people and organizations from different countries, with their actions that have made a huge contribution to the initial stage of the development of energy in Lithuania on renewable energy, so needed for people whose development will not require large capital investments. NP "Development of the Kuznetsov Furnace System" will contribute to this.

Hungarian DELTA futestechnika. UAB Kachel keramika. CEDIMA. the company UAB Samoto centras completed the construction of furnaces with stove devices, insulating refractory materials, and machines for processing bricks.

Seminar organizers: UAB Židiniu Meistrai and Ramunas Lekstutis * Kuznetsov's Stoves * Navan Co. Meath, Ireland

The seminar was covered by:

LRT - Lithuanian Radio and Television

Video report



Newspaper Pajurio Naujienos

Newspaper Gazeta "Švyturys"

Journalist - correspondent, Rasa Gedvilaitė, 8 (445) 51205.

Manor Sodyba VIENKIEMIS, provided wonderful living conditions and good food for all participants of the seminar.

The seminar was accompanied by a translation into English and Lithuanian. During the practical seminar, the students, under the supervision of the instructors of the NP RPKK, built 6 ovens of various functional purposes for technical solutions and drawings. Kuznetsov. Their designs have not been published anywhere before. For the first time, 6 (six) furnaces were built at the seminar, of which three stoves with couches.