Печи Кузнецова





620143  Ekaterinburg

Pobedy Street 51 - 87

Moscow, Spring 2011

Non-commercial partnership "Development of Kuznetsov's Furnace System" held another practical seminar, spring 2011.

The time of the seminar: from May 16-26, 2011. Everyone was invited to the seminar, as well as the last time.

About 40 people, most of whom did not hold a trowel in their hands, took a direct part and independently under the guidance of experienced mentors, the members of the NP, built three objects under the "key": a 17 kW boiler with a warm couch and back; Boiler 63 kW; The outdoor complex consists of: a bread oven, barbecue, plates with cauldron. In addition, it was built on a wooden pallet on the street and the heating-cooking furnace without a pipe was flooded, which surprisingly it earned. Received practical and theoretical knowledge. A number of supporters of our system have replenished.

Photo notes from the SPRING 2011 seminar can be found here: Photo notes from the SPRING 2011 seminar