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Systematization of furnace designs

Systematization of Igor Kuznetsov's stoves.

Stoves are certified from left to right by level.

The first level stoves are stoves with a heating function:

OVIK (heating and cooking by Igor Kuznetsov)

OIK (heating by Igor Kuznetsov)

HK (bread by Igor Kuznetsov)

RTIK (Russian teplushka by Igor Kuznetsov)

BIK (bathhouse by Igor Kuznetsov)

Comb (combined by Igor Kuznetsov)

Tandoor (tandoor by Igor Kuznetsov)

HK KD (Stove-fireplace with a bread chamber by Igor Kuznetsov)

The name indicates its name and size according to the number of bricks in width from the side of the firebox, then the size is indicated in the number of bricks on the other side. If there is a metal oven (duhovka), then added a postscript duh (ove), for example, OVIK duh (ove)

For example, stoves:

HK 4х3, this is a 4x3 brick bread stove, the firebox is located on the long side 4; HK 3х4, this is a bread stove of the same size, but the firebox is located on the short side 3.

For bread stoves, except for second level stoves, added the position of the bread chamber. For example, if front chamber, HKfr (сп, sp), if sideways, HKsd (сб,sb), if chamber behind, HKbh (сз,sz), then added second level stove. If using a fireplace door, then added HK FD (КД,KD).

Sauna stoves BIK, added additional functions for different models. The presence of a fireplace BIK PK (sauna with fireplace in front), type of vaporization BIK RS (RusSauna, stones in the tank designed by Kuznetsov). The position of the tank along or across the firebox BIK acr (поп,pop) (tank across the firebox), BIK (tank along the firebox). The presence of a fireplace door BIK FD (КД, KD). There may be other functions: Availability ГВС ((HWS) (hot water supply)), separate supply of secondary air (ВВ, SA), full refractory jacket and etc.

Russian stove by Kuznetsov with heating from the outside, a fireplace in the front and a bed with a warm back RPK heaout (обгнар, obgnar) PK BEDwwb (ЛЕЖтс, LEJts)


Multifunctional stoves are level 1 stoves that contain level 2 stoves. The first level stove is indicated first, then the second level stove is indicated, after which the overall size is indicated.

Stoves of second level, these are additional functions to the first level stoves, they can be built separately, without the first level stoves:


Can be added from either side: PK; BK; ZK; UK; fireplace in front (PK), fireplace on the side (BK), fireplace from behind (ZK), corner fireplace (UK).



Can be added from either side: ManSp; ManSb; ManSz; ManUk; Brazier on the side (ManSp), brazier on the side (ManSb), brazier from behind (ManSz), corner brazier (ManUk).


Lounger (lou, леж) can be low, high, located on the side, behind, LEJsb (ЛЕЖсб); LEJsz (ЛЕЖсз); higher, LEJVsb (ЛЕЖВсб); LEJVsz (ЛЕЖВсз). Lounger with with warm back LEJts (ЛЕЖтс)


Seat (сид,sid) can located on the side, behind, SIDsb (СИДсб); SIDsz (СИДсз)



Russian stove by Kuznetsov (RPK). Fuel is burned in the chamber.

RPK can be added in front, side, back, built separately.

Chamber RP can be built with:

Using fireclay products from a German company "Wolfshöher Tonwerke GmbH & Co. KG" and designated RPK.

From prefabricated sets of cameras, the same company is designated RPK Wolfshöher.

From more modern prefab kits Markgräfler, of the same company and is designated RPK Markgräfler.

RPK can be placed above the stove OIK. In this case, the camera can be heated both inside and outsideIn this case, its name will be RPK comb. (комб.), with added chamber type.

RPK can be placed on both sides of stove OIK or HK. In this case, we get a professional combined oven for cooking various dishes, with temperature control in the chambers throughout the day. In this case, the complex is denoted «Stove for roadside cafes and restaurants», various types. 

For example, multifunctional:

 Stoves of first level, OVIK, OIK, HK, RTIK and etc. added name of second level stoves (stoves for additional functions, for example, BK - side fireplace, ZK - rear fireplace). That is OVIK BK or OVIK ZK (п heating and cooking stove with fireplace on side or behind).