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620143  Ekaterinburg

Pobedy Street 51 - 87

Business proposals

1. Establishment of a joint venture (or your private enterprise)




  • organize sandwich course for your experts;
  • help to select a stove for specific three-dimensional building plan solution (basing on requirements furnished by you), provide you with its perpend (course-by-course) drawings and develop drawings of new stoves, if necessary;
  • organize building of the stove by our qualified experts, if necessary;
  • develop individual stove designs; help to resolve arising technical problems.
  • Organize a course of operating computer program “archiCAD”.



  • settle the questions relating to manufacturing facilities including acquisition of computer hardware and electronic communication via Internet;
  • settle legal matters concerning establishment of stove setting enterprise;
  • appoint a manager, graduate in construction, having good brickwork practice, who is familiar with “ArchiCAD” software;
  • make proposals concerning mutually beneficial cooperation.

    2. We are looking for partners for performing the following works on mutually beneficial basis:


  • At present we started our work concerning upgrading of our multifunctional stoves of various designation which use wood and electricity to a new level. They must have the following possibilities: Accumulate much heat; Quickly heat the room; Control the preset temperature both in automatic mode and manually. For the heat accumulating material we plan to use magnesia brick (which is manufactured locally), and for outer skin talcumagnesite (soapstone), a great deposit of which is close to Yekaterinburg. The task is simple from technical point but is time consuming, it requires cooperation of employees doing various jobs, production facilities and financing.
  • preparing of drawings for publishing;
  • development of working drawings of a number of furnaces of various functional purposes with built-in boilers to use as standby ones in systems with water heating. As practice showed, building of such stoves gives a significant economic effect;
  • development of heating and cooking stoves with hot water supply system;
  • development of stoves that can use electricity as backup fuel ( including development and implementing of automation systems);
  • development of new systems;
  • patenting of stoves (if necessary);
  • solution of stove sealing issues on a modern basis;
  • putting into production of our developments of fireplaces. Our fire places operate at reduced pipe cross –section up to 20 % enabling them to operate in the conditions where “ classics” do not operate, as well as in cases of designing multi story stoves with fireplaces;
  • developing of the main principles for stove design;
  • putting into production bath heater designs for baths with central heating where solid fuel is used;
  • ditto operating on gas fuel.

    We are an affinity team of qualified stove-setters who build the above stoves and know their principles of operation.

    We are ready to make CAD drawings, books, albums of stoves. We can run theoretical and practical courses of stove-setters, as well as experts of for CAD stove design and those regarding distribution of the materials via Internet. This is necessary in order to organize companies dealing with stoves or associations ( non-commercial) in other cities.

    To solve the above issues we need the following:

  • rendering assistance in advertising and using for this aim budgetary and non-budgetary amounts, constant assistance of governing authorities in solving the questions that arise;
  • office premises;
  • office facilities and assistance of experts to get familiar with them;
  • software;
  • methodological assistance in making background of some solutions;
  • legal support;
  • compensation for experts and financing of production activity.

    As compensation we can offer you: 

  • to memorize your name and welldoing to the benefit of Russian people ;
  • to use creator work results at your discretion, considering his interests, with the purpose to get profit from publishing business, joint venture operations .

    3. We have an idea of creating a site (portal) in Internet .We can provide catalogues, drawings of all stoves, variations of their design, necessary explanations while making a choice of stoves, construction and operation, etc.

    On this site one can make use of necessary help while solving the questions that arise, including those pertaining to building of houses and stoves. Such a site can be presented to people by any sponsor who is interested in developing the matter and memorize your name and good deeds.

    4. I want to be a partner in your country.

    Cooperation and experience and knowledge exchange is necessary.

    Using the materials and tools used in your country it is possible to create new design of good multi-purpose stoves operating on the principle of “ free movement of gases” and to teach your experts.

    To construct stoves with the following possibilities:

    Accumulate much heat; Quickly heat the room; Control the preset temperature both in automatic mode and manually. The task is simple from technical point of view.

    Frankly speaking, it is possible to design stoves of any functional designation for any three-dimensional building plan solution up to three story high. It is possible to employ our stove experts for doing work in your country.

    The design of our fireplaces is different from traditional variant. Some upgrading have been introduced. This makes it possible to reduce the pipe cross-section and use them for blocking with the stove.

    I would be happy to come to your country on special visa in order to get acquainted with your process of manufacturing refractory stove core and exchange my knowledge with you.

    I am looking forward to cooperating with you in your country or in Russia. The main thing is to bring the design of stoves to perfection and leave it to people.

    5. We are ready to receive a group of your experts in Yekaterinburg.

    We would be happy to acquaint you with stove construction at our place. We will consider the question of organization of joint workshops relating to masonry heaters and creating a market of your heaters in Russia. A wide cultural program will be suggested to your attention, etc. All activities at your account.

    6. Other variants of joint mutually beneficial cooperation are also possible.

    7. We shall consider any proposals from you.

    Best regards,I.V. Kuznetsov Yekaterinburg Tel.+7 (343) 3329-490 or 3372-496 e-mail: igor@stove.ru