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Outside complexes


Outside complexes

Since long time in Russia people have built a summer-house before the house. What purpose was it meant for? There it was possible to hide from rain and sun and just to sit having a rest. Many people like to construct on a open space, or under a roof a gril-fireplace,a gril-furnace or other structures for preparation of food or rest. Here we see the desire of people to have outside complexes with some useful properties.

Let's consider, what useful properties the outside complexes should or can have?

They should serve as a shelter from rain and sun, wind, snow, dust, mosquitoes and other insects. They shall be suitable for some kind of celebration and gathering with participation of plenty of people and serve as a place for rest in a nice and cosy atmosphere. It can be also used as a summer kitchen and place where people can prepare home- made marmalade, pickled vegetables and tinned fruit for family consumption during winter time. They should be used at any time during the day all the year round. It is good, when there is an opportunity to install furniture, kitchen appliances or some other equipment. It shall have a good ventilation and be capable of quickly transformation into semi-open verrandah.. The complexes should create comfortable conditions for rest and be useful in everyday life.

In my opinion, outside complex is a light closed construction having two zones, a household zone and a zone for rest. They must have a common area but separate entrances. The premise should have some walls having no windows and windows that can be open or detached.. Under one roof there should be a storehouse for fire wood, usually behind the wall.

It shall have an entrance from a household zone. Between zones a multifunctional furnace with a fireplace of various size should be placed. It can be some sort of stove in various combination like barbeque, Russian furnace, fireplace,etc . Such complexes are in great demand in Yekaterinburg. A Russian bath,a swimming pool, sports structures, guest house etc. can be built in addition.