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(RUS) Experience exchange

Exchange of experience


From October 1st to October 10, 2007 in the village Svetlana, in boarding house where children with deviations live in development, near St.-Petersburg, the international project on studying of furnaces of the Kuznetsova system, on construction of two furnaces has been realized. The Norwegian side financed the project. There have arrived 20 people, including stove-setters from Norway, Viggo Ballo, Sten Sjshstrand, three specialists in ecological building, students (whose program included practical and theoretical acquaintance with oven business), all from Norway. There have arrived also two experts from Sweden engaged in ceramics. Work was carried out under the leadership of our representative in C. - St. Petersburg Fedorov Andrey Arkadyevich goldendream@list.ru.


The plan of work was construction of two furnaces: BIK38 Russaun and OVIK with a guard. During work there was deep and detailed acquaintance with the principles of operation of furnaces. Norwegians do everything strictly according to drawings. At them everything is measured, everything is painted, all precisely as in drugstore. Each brick for cutting is measured in the place. The party of a row at first is displayed on dry. If necessary the brick is cut. Previously measured proportions of clay and sand because approximately Norwegians do nothing. Any constructive decision was discussed, A.A. Fedorov gave an explanation.


There is a lot of volunteer assistants. The most remarkable assistant was the Swedish girl Karon which kneaded solution a shovel, sawed and carried a brick, knocked together a scaffolding for work. It is difficult to present on her place to "russian girl". Time has run imperceptibly, furnaces have been made and put on drying. After work with Norwegians already somehow there is also no wish to do anything by eye.


Special thanks to Kolchin E.V. who has quickly organized production of an oven for stones.


Andrey Arkadyevich Fedorov carries out big public work on consultation of people in oven construction at the forum "Our Giving", http://dacha.wcb.ru/index.php?showforum=51. Thanks to his work hundreds of people, for the first time, have constructed to themselves good furnaces. As an example it is possible to bring the RUSSIAN woman Shmakova Ekaterina Vladimirovna (Katerinash, http://dacha.wcb.ru/index.php?showtopic=5940&st=1740), "russian girl", the engineer, the programmer which has independently constructed to itself the OVIK6 furnace. I am delighted, her talent, persistence, skill, desire to be engaged in business not peculiar to the woman.


I.V. Kuznetsov