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(RUS) On the perspective of the development of stove heating

About the prospect of development of oven heating

NEWS, Laboratory researches of furnaces of the SDG system



Laboratory researches of furnaces of the SDG system



Results of the International seminar of stove-setters in Poland 15.05.2016-27.05.2016 g.


Seminar of stove-setters


SOS, very important.


About the prospect of development of oven heating.


Federal state institution (FGU VNIIPO of EMERCOM of Russia) the letter of 2007 No. 43/OTO/soobshchilo to us that the Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation of October 25, 2006 No. 625 has approved "The provision on licensing of works on installation, repair and service of fire safety devices of buildings and constructions" (further Situation).


As works on installation, repair and service of fire safety devices of buildings and constructions it is understood, including, implementation of the actions connected with trubo-oven works.


They explain that the decision of the government provides licensing of all people (stove-setters!!), the furnaces which are engaged in a laying in Russia. In this regard the workers who are carrying out the licensed types of works have to conform to the qualification requirements imposed by Situation. Professional development of specified persons has to be carried out at least, than 1 time in 5 years. Workers have to have the corresponding initial training according to the new training program "Design, installation, operation of the heatgenerating devices. Production of trubo-oven works" (Stove-setter).


Practice of development of oven matter in the USSR didn't provide compulsory licensing of stove-setters. Stove-setters were trained in the vocational schools, technical training college, FZU, the organizations which are training personnel at the expense of the state budget and having to it the right where issued them the certificate of the established sample. In the USSR to stove-setters, on an equal basis with experts of other construction professions, categories from 1 to 6 were appropriated, and they worked as a part of construction, the repair and construction organizations and weren't licensed. It granted him the right to be engaged in oven business. Oven business, out of the construction organizations was "folk art", or individual business.


In our opinion the requirement of licensing of trubo-oven works doesn't concern the stove-setters doing household furnaces. It can concern industrial furnaces of different function.

What to us is tried to be imposed, is dictated by desire to capture tens of thousands of stove-setters from open spaces of immense Russia and to force them to pay for services which should stove-setters, not people clients, but are necessary some careless officials. It is "feeding trough", the reason of corruption and except harm to people and the state can bring nothing. Whether the person trained according to "The new training program will be able: Design, installation, operation of the heatgenerating devices. Production of trubo-oven works the Stove-setter( /action.redirect/url/aHR0cDovL2t1em5ldHNvdnN0b3ZlLmNvbS9ydS8yMDEyLTA3LTI5LTA3LTIxLTQ1LzgzLW1lemhkdW5hcm9kbnlqLXNlbWluYXItcGVjaG5pa292LXYtcG9sc2hlLXMtdWNoYXN0aWVtLWktdi1rdXpuZXRzb3Zh ) of 72 hours and, upon termination of training received the certificate with period of validity of 5 years to make at least one furnace? If to look at the Stove-setter program, then won't be able. At the same time it is necessary to pay 9300 rubles for study, to pay journey to both parties, accommodation, food in the conditions of Moscow (30-50 t. rub). To carry out study in UTs VNIIPO Federal State Institution or other organizations of EMERCOM OF RUSSIA, in various cities of Russia it is necessary to train teachers with experience, to provide with educational and production base, hotel, the dining room and to make all these state expenses to destroy the settled system of production of furnaces.


I think that 99% of stove-setters of Russia won't be able and won't want such training and licensing. In my opinion on Monday 12.11.07. in the State Duma the bill approximately with such subject, "About strengthening of control of PPB of trubo-oven works" was considered. On inquiry of the deputy by what forces to carry out training, the answer has followed: we assume to increase the number of employees in this direction from 80 thousand to 240 thousand. I heard it on TV.


The Qualifier of the licensed kinds of activity doesn't include licensing construction of household furnaces. There are following works:





  1. The WORKS CONNECTED WITH the INCREASED DANGER of INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTIONS AND OBJECTS: Metallurgical productions and objects: Boilers, pipelines for steam and the vessels working under pressure of more than 0,07 MPas (0,7 kgfs / sq. cm), boilers and pipelines of hot water with a heating temperature more 115th hail. With

Also the fact that Russia has signed the Kyoto Protocol which has defined change of fuel balance of advantage of renewable types of fuel as a priority task and has established annually reduced quotas for use of mineral fuels matters. In this regard power chemical technologies are expected by new rise and the power center has to be engaged in this task. Here also preparation of training programs for training of stove-setters, the edition of albums of the household furnaces recommended for construction, development of documentation for various thermal installations, various parameters with the subsequent offer enters the national economy of power stations of new type and other questions.


The law is adopted, it concerns industrial construction. But some officials, in a section to the State interests and government decisions, drag "in" to it oven matter in Russia. There is a precedent on jurisprudence under this law.


Whether there will be in Russia a person who will be able to stop official lawlessness, will put everything "from the head - on legs"?


I.V. Kuznetsov 02.09.08.




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