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Уважаемый Президент России! Элиты России! Граждане России!

Dear President of Russia! Elite of Russia! Citizens of Russia!

It is possible to do away with imperfection of system of the organization of the government, only if to reorganize the enormous bureaucracy which is slowing down economic development of the country. Otherwise it can lead to death of Russia as the States.




Dear President of Russia! Elite of Russia! Citizens of Russia!


Reactionary forces conduct aggression against Russia on all directions for a long time. The purpose to destroy Russia as the state, to shatter into parts, economically and to politically subordinate, appropriate richness of the country. To make it the raw appendage. To become predominant force in the world. It is the serious mistake which isn't answering to the Law of the nature (it is a lot of polarity of the world) will lead to incalculable troubles of mankind, including in Russia. They have already achieved much after the end of World War II.


In the CONCEPT of NATIONAL SECURITY of RUSSIA the frame of reference on ensuring in Russia safety of the personality, society and the state from external and internal threats in all spheres of activity is defined. The most important directions of state policy of the Russian Federation are formulated, national interests are specified, threats of national security are defined. However concrete solutions of objectives aren't specified. People are concerned by internal and external security of the country.


I will try to formulate vision of solutions of objectives according to Laws of the nature:


Safety of the country is possible only on the basis of sustainable development of economy. Therefore the national interests of Russia in this sphere are key. Improvement of system of the organization of the government and civil society. Decriminalizations of the public relations. Consolidations of all segments of the population, with the purpose to bring the country out of economic stagnation.

It is possible to do away with imperfection of system of the organization of the government and civil society, criminalization of the public relations, growth of organized crime, only if to reorganize the enormous bureaucracy which is slowing down economic development of the country. Nutrient medium of the criminal relations. There is a merging of separate elements executive and legislature to criminal structures, their penetration into the sphere of management of banking business, large productions, trade organizations and commodity distribution networks. It interferes with development of economy and demands derivation of public funds for his contents.


It must be done due to cut in public expenditure on keeping of enormous bureaucracy. It is necessary to reduce the number of functions (duties/work) which the state has undertaken and to respectively lay off the officials performing this work. Public authorities of each level of the power have to deal only with such issues which won't be able to solve subordinate levels of the power. The lower branch of the power has to perform functions which the person can't execute and for which he is ready to pay. It is necessary to remove an authorization system at registration of the enterprises, to reduce the number of the supervisory authorities and functions which are carried out by them respectively to lay off the number of officials. It will reduce corruption.


History learns, change of elite (ruling class) in the world happens by means of force, revolutions, revolutions. That and another for Russia harmfully as weakens the state. In Russia it is aggravated with the fact that it as fat pie interests many forces, the leading aggressive policy for her disorder and enslavement. It is necessary to prevent degradation of elite, to peacefully reorient them on creation for the benefit of society, the state, personal benefit in socially oriented activity.

From below an evolutionary way of it it is impossible to make. In developed it only lawfully elected President, the recognized leader of the state holding authority of most of the people can make time period. To successfully resisting external and internal threats in all spheres of activity of the country. To each person it is given, ability to achieve considerable achievements in these or those spheres of activity of the person which he has to leave to people. It is the law of the nature. Not all only find this ability in themselves. The President of Russia has much made for reconstruction of the destroyed, plundered country standing on a ruin side that can't be made without having outstanding abilities. However it isn't enough. It is capable to bring the country out of economic stagnation, to leave to people the prospering Russia. Consolidation of all segments of the population is for this purpose necessary. Mirnyi, an evolutionary way of transformation of Russia to the advanced industrially developed country with market economy. It wait for all segments of the population of Russia, including, I think, a considerable part of people from the counteracting power of opposition of the country.


Now at the President the most favorable for this condition. To make it are the constitutional opportunities (Art. 83 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation). Not the simple task demands will of the president, consolidation of all layers of the people around him, to prevent violent change of elite. With it the President can and has to be helped by the people, through the independent, not politized media.


In all successful times in Russia there was an autocracy. Democracy in Russia will lead to split in ruling circles, to revolutions, troubles of society and death of the state. We will remember the dashing nineties years when the country stood on a disintegration side. To inadmissibly re-elect in public elected president who has kept Russia consolidating society and capable to transform him to economically strong state with the advanced developed industry. For this purpose it is necessary to enter the SPECIAL PERIOD which is perhaps limited to the constitution in time. We have to hope only for ourselves. Russia to have plenty to lose, eat the economic interests of various groups and the countries to carry out repartition of property. It is the Law of the nature and we have to reckon with it. All wars were waged for territories, for resources, for an opportunity to colonize and plunder the won countries. Dear elite, citizens of Russia think whether you want to live in the country in which you awake with servants and toadies. We should consider history lessons. These are 1941 and 1991. Russia in the conditions of democracy will break up to principalities with uncountable repartitions of property and with it we will be helped by "our and foreign friends".


It is necessary to enhance the structures ensuring in the country safety of the personality, society and state from external and internal threats in all spheres of activity. All structures have to provide among themselves in relationship firmness of implementation of Acts of the Russian Federation. It has to be included by him in their functions at the level of Acts of the Russian Federation, as "The code of administrative offenses" for which violation they have to bear responsibility. Now between the staff of various structures there are a nepotism, student's, family, economic, interdepartmental and other relations having a corruption component. There are facts of the indifferent relation to complaints of people to illegal actions of these or those structures which are neutralized by the structures obliged to react podnadzorno to violation of laws, but not to send people to appeal to court that now for the person "will be more expensive to itself" to health and financially. And it is not mere words.


It is necessary to create between structures the competition in supervision of implementation of Acts of the Russian Federation. Now they in small questions are above the people, without communication with him. At the same time they have to provide full interaction in fight against crime. It is necessary to provide to structures worthy payment of their work, but also to ask rigidly what the power would be not cotton candy, but a heavy burden.

In bureaucracy there are a lot of honest, talented, enterprising and wealthy people who after reduction will be forced to direct the energy to creation for which it is necessary to encourage. The released people should create conditions for development of the business that nobody disturbed. To allow - not to resolve, to give – the Law, but not officials has to not give. Government officials, including the structures ensuring safety of the personality in the country of society and state from external and internal threats have to take in all spheres of activity before appointment to the post the oath. They voluntarily have to make the decision and know that they for violation of the law will automatically get long penal up to 15 years with full confiscation of property in the state budget, depending on weight of crime. The condemned people have to work at buildings of the state value, but not be supported societies. The same to heads banking business, large productions, trade organizations and commodity distribution networks. Naturally, in this case conditions for honest work and an opportunity to have worthy remuneration for the work have to be created to them. This main thing, there has to be a choice. To honestly have worthy remuneration, or to lose everything, having broken the Law. Other ways to finish corruption, according to laws of the nature, it isn't visible.


The main thing to provide to producers a most favored nation treatment now in desire to work and (as a result) to be enriched, develop production and to be enriched even more. Without overcoming technological lag in the industry, production of consumer goods, considerable lag in labor productivity and quality of production it is impossible to count on increase in the standard of living of citizens and increase in power of the country. Nobody will honestly work at a kitchen garden if the harvest takes away another. It is the Law of the nature. The state shouldn't finance a demographic problem, construction of housing, etc., it will be solved without participation of the state. The wealthy person will pay a tax to the state, the doctor, for study, for services, will help aged parents, etc., will be able to buy itself and will give it to make another. Now interferes with it the enormous case of government officials. It isn't necessary to be afraid of reduction of collecting of taxes. The tax on sales has to become the main thing. Wealthy people will buy and to fill up treasury. From "beggar" it is possible to take only a piece of bread.

It is necessary to leave the minimum number of the officials on departments who are responsible for their development which have to estimate weight of crime in connection with violation of laws, on the facts elicited by the independent, not politized media. On their conclusions by law enforcement agencies under control of the Public People's Front and Civic chamber of the Russian Federation these or those measures of punishment which have to be stated in Laws have to be taken, can be the modified Codes of Laws. Which have to be directed to creation, provide a most favored nation treatment on kinds of activity. People whom these laws касаютсячерез media will help with it. I have broken the Law, have revealed through media, have estimated experts weight according to Codes of Acts of the Russian Federation, receive at full scale. In this regard all Codes of Laws in Russia have to be modified according to the special period.


It is necessary to establish mutually advantageous for people and the state, feasible laws. Then they will be observed. The person can't do without water, food and heat, and no laws will force him to refuse them.


It is necessary to reorient the purposes and tasks of the Ministries and Departments on performance of the main objective. Sustainable development of economy of branch. Improvement of system of the organization of the government and civil society. Decriminalizations of the public relations. Increase in investment, innovative activity and development of scientific and technical and technological potential, development of the agrarian sector, balancing of a banking system. For example, Rospatent has to provide promotion of patents to use. And by these criteria to estimate their work.


The means from taxation going to the federal budget it is necessary to divide (not returned) and partially returned funds into target taxes. Why to return means? Likely it is better not to take them! Take away target funds from the particular person allocated for a specific goal. If aim production development and so forth, the tax shouldn't be levied if on acquisition, there is a tax on sales. The returned part decreases by keeping of officials, and then isn't rationally used. The official solves to whom to give and to whom not to give. Any means which aren't earned, and received by us will be spent without advantage for business, at the same time will always be dissatisfied and deprived of the power.

The state CAN not give anybody anything free of charge. Except socially oriented works for future generations and also disabled people, pensioners. To give, they somewhere and should be taken from someone. Officials are for this purpose necessary, one look for where to take, and other officials how to divide and to whom to give. At the same time their work demands payment. It is unnatural and does harm to society and state.


To give all equally according to their inquiries, at the same time without giving anything material, it is possible only in one case. It is necessary to provide to all people the identical tax working conditions stimulating to work honestly. It is clear to support desire of the government of domestic manufacturer. However it is impossible to support someone financially, especially by means from reserve fund which has to be spent so that future generations could use it. At all just like that it is impossible to give anything. It generates dependence, doesn't stimulate to look for and introduce new technologies and to be improved, and develops corruption and produces dissatisfied from the consumer who receives bad production at inflated price, and the producers who haven't received anything.


In our society among the high-ranking officials, including in the State Duma, "moles" who under a specious excuse are introduced or brought up: with malice aforethought; on silliness; or personal benefit; harmful to the state and society put into practice affairs. The first should be revealed through media and to debar from public affairs. With the second and third to understand. To check the adopted laws regarding harm of the personality, to society and the state and to bring them into accord to the SPECIAL PERIOD and the constitution of the Russian Federation. Society has to help the president to carry out the conceived transformations. It is necessary to analyse the documents which are earlier prepared for the signature to the country leaders on their usefulness or harm with participation of people whom these transformations concern. From now on to do it further.

It is necessary to MAKE it now through not politized, independent media in each region, with involvement of the Russian Popular Front, Public chamber of the Russian Federation and their regional offices, experts in branches and civil activity of the population. To bring result to heads of the country and law enforcement agencies of external and internal security of the Russian Federation. Each head of the ministry and department and also heads of divisions, have to bear personal responsibility for the prepared information taking into account weight of deeds up to material family, and individual criminal responsibility. It should be done by results of the analysis of quality of offers, and in difficult cases, by results of introduction. It also concerns deputy corps of the country where sometimes prepare the laws paralyzing forward development of the country.


For example, the group of deputies has introduced the LAW FEDERAL Draft No. 305620-5 About introduction of amendments to separate acts of the Russian Federation concerning activity of self-regulatory organizations in the field of fire safety. At first sight the purposes and functions of self-regulatory organizations (SRO) are noble in the field of fire safety. Contents is DANGEROUS to the state and people. Types of works and services of SRO have included the trubo-oven works concerning a laying of household furnaces in the territory of immense Russia including the remote corners. There is also a question as furnace laying cost members of SRO will equal to a half of cost of the house. And it will be impossible to find participants of SRO on terms offered by officials. In Russia of such number of high quality and educated experts just isn't present and most of the population won't be able to pay their highly educated work. There is also corruption field of activity of supervisory authorities to raise "for permission" and the closer to the center, the more expensively. For performance of control of work of SRO in the Ministry of Emergency Situations isn't present not only the qualified specialists able to define qualification of the stove-setter, but also in general people for these purposes. The additional state, wages fund, rooms for work is necessary. D.A. Medvedev's order to create technical training college for training of personnel to which also the profession the stove-setter belongs is ignored. As it was in the USSR. Such offers, in case of realization, discredit the country leaders, and can lead to irreparable consequences as it is impossible to deprive of the person of water, food and heat. It is already diversion. Only intervention through independent media of people whom these transformations concern was succeeded to fail this project. What it, evil intention, silliness, or personal benefit? Such unreasoned or harmful offers prepared in many ministries, departments and other organizations, bearing harm to society and state can be found when checking. Such cases it is possible to reveal much and just to check it if to attract people whom these documents concern.

The decision on demolition in Moscow of five-floor "five-storey apartment blocks" has a corruption basis, and maybe political. To give free of charge public funds, especially at their shortage for socially necessary needs, it is impossible for anybody as does harm to the state and puts him in an uncomfortable position. It is difficult to cancel it as at first sight this good cause and can cause discontent. Actually demolition of structures as practice shows, for various reasons produces a great number of dissatisfied people. If the decision is realized, then can also cause discontent. Why him have made, and to us isn't present? What it, silliness or diversion? It is necessary to give to people the chance to earn and buy. To any head it isn't given by the nature the chance to estimate quality of the made decisions in all kinds of activity of the person, to track and control them. Therefore experts the preparing documents controlling them have to be guided by the laws enshrined in Codes of Russia and bear responsibility for their violation as the country leaders are responsible for their mistakes.


All codes of laws of Russia also have to be modified and brought into accord to the SPECIAL PERIOD and the constitution of the Russian Federation. The officials who have remained in the ministries and departments the prospects of her development owning the state of affairs in branch and knowing have to be engaged in it. They have to interact with the created State Planning Committee which has to define the paramount socially oriented directions of development of economy, and as a result of a privilege to the organizations the capital investments putting in this direction. To bring them to investors on a competitive basis. By them the scale of assessment of the socially oriented directions of development of economy, for the current period of time, from positive to negative has to be created. On her activity of the personality, the organization, etc. in society, with the corresponding attitude of the state towards them has to be estimated. People and the organizations working in this direction have to be responsible according to the oath for quality of the prepared laws and development plans for economy. In this case it will be favorable to investors to make investments in development of the defining directions of economy, but not trade. At the same time him the inalienable right to the created property has to be provided by the Law.

Mass media have to be independent, not politized, available to people, for the purpose of public control of activity of authorities and representatives of business on places. To bring violations of the law to the relevant divisions of the People's Front of the Russian Federation, the Civic chamber of the Russian Federation, Security Council of the Russian Federation and regional bodies engaged in safety of the state. It is the fifth power, an all-seeing eye of the country leaders. Nobody will be able to disappear from him. In the bodies ensuring national security of Russia there are a lot of honest decent experts supporting the fate of Russia, they have all on a look. Media have to be financed for the account of budgets of ensuring activity of the Russian President and reserve fund of the Russian President. Budgets on these purposes have to be replenished at the expense of violators of the law. Now ONF and the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation have no continuous, effective communication with the people. All remarks on quality of documents, violation of acts of the Russian Federation are neutralized on places by the corrupted officials.


In each direction of human activity "Groups of experts", on a nonprofit basis which have to estimate quality of the draft documents approved to execution on compliance of interests of society and state, at the special period have to be created. People whom these documents concern and who prevent them to work have to estimate their work through media by results of introduction.


Of course, it isn't necessary to do sharp movements, there has to be an evolutionary way of development. It is necessary to interest the dismissed people and others favourably and honestly to work. Among the case of government officials there are many influential and wealthy people. They (and to others too) should give the chance investments which are available for them to make favourably in development of some production and to stimulate. They have to make and honestly pay the balanced taxes.

In my opinion, one of tasks stated in "The concept of national security of the Russian Federation" isn't equitable to the interests of the state:


"For prevention of corruption and elimination of conditions for legalization of the capitals acquired in the illegal way it is necessary to create the effective system of financial control, to improve measures of administrative, civil and criminal and legal influence, to fulfill the mechanism of check of a property status and sources of income of officials and employees of the organizations and institutions irrespective of form of ownership and also compliance of their expenses to this income". Who will do it, officials again?


It is necessary to choose a lesser evil from two evils. Nobody has to count money in others pocket. It is necessary to fix legislatively it and the property right to their capital. All administrative measures will demand attraction of additional number of officials, their work will contain a corruption basis and can't result in positive result. Fair redistribution can't be. It is the law of the nature. When strong Russia doesn't being or to be a question it is necessary to reconcile to it. For this reason a part of the Russian elite casts in the lot with the West. Takes out the capital, gets abroad the real estate, trains children. Now it is necessary to create conditions that this money worked for Russia, but not for our foes. It is important not to take, and effectively to operate funds for the benefit of people and the state. For large-scale attraction of investments into development of key industries of economy, science, it is necessary to create the most favorable conditions to our people, foreign investors, banks. Investments made in creation or development of production shouldn't be taxed, customs duties for this investment project, simplification of reporting documentation, as well as the made investments in science, medicine and another socially directed useful matters. To create good conditions for the enterprises with participation of the foreign capital. There has to be a possibility of attraction for work of foreign highly qualified specialists. It isn't necessary to prevent people to work. Control of activity of these organizations through media. Then the capital which is taken out from Russia will come back. It will be favorable to foreign investors to participate in investment of concrete projects necessary to the state. Receiving the credits abroad for replenishment of the budget or payment for debts has to be minimized, and on purchase of goods and products abroad which are manufactured in Russia in general inadmissibly, it is harm to the Russian producers. To it now we are pushed by "our friends". It is necessary to encourage investment of the Russian producers.

It is necessary to affirm legislatively the RIGHT for property that people made investments in fundamental projects, but not in trade, weren't afraid that someone will select her. It is necessary to develop a scale of assessment of socially important activity and according to the relation of the state and society to institutions, firms, and other organizations. To enshrine her legislatively in the code of Laws. The most significant organizations have to receive a most favored nation treatment in the activity. The organizations and persons profiting on not the work bearing harm to society and state have to have difficulties in the activity.


In the conditions of Russia receiving not the target credits abroad which aren't directed to the specific socially oriented project isn't admissible. It is the diversion against Russia leading to continuous devaluation of ruble, unearned enrichment of banks, discontent of citizens, it is difficult for them to repay the loan.


For example, Federal State Budgetary Institution VNIIPO Emercom of Russia to be considered the question of the German company Volfskhoyer Tonverke of introduction of the German norms of a pechestroyeniye of TR-OL 2006, and three European norms of EN - 15250 - 2007, by EN - 13229 - 2001, and EN - 13240 - 2004, to application as national norms in Russia. It means to fill the Russian market with furnaces of outdated designs from Germany and Austria. It is inadmissible to do it as will do harm of Russia and to society. The furnaces designed according to the European standard won't correspond to type of the furnaces which are traditionally used in Russia both on functional purpose, and on the applied materials (including their costs) and also it is worse on all indicators. It can lead to a pechestroyeniye collapse in Russia and to discontent of citizens. The European standard will limit an opportunity to most of the population of Russia to construct for centuries the furnaces used at us. What becomes has a corruption component. At the same time development of oven matter in Russia has reached the advanced positions in the world. Has practically become possible to provide houses of individual building with furnaces of any functional purpose, to heat household wood furnaces and coppers of the building of any appointment and volume, including year-round greenhouses of industrial function. It is new Russian technology which is demanded in the West, the Russian technology. At us study and people build the Russian furnaces of many developed countries of Mira.

We shouldn't be fed, we have to make it and at the same time deduct to the state of funds for socially necessary needs. The state has to give to any person, the enterprise, etc. an identical opportunity to work and earn freely according to talent, diligence, organizing abilities. That is to give the chance to make goods, to render services, etc. Then it will be possible to be dissatisfied on itself. To the person occupied with the business will once go to protest demonstrations. It is necessary to finish practice of excessive guardianship of the state over producers, to protect from official requisitions, to stop repartition of property.


In life three defects meet. And to live this alcoholism, drugs beyond means. The last heaviest. The mortgage loan entered in Russia has led to sharp increase in prices for housing, goods and services, depreciation of ruble and sharp unearned enrichment of banks. Foreign banks gave us the credits, on acquisition of foreign goods, undermining our economy with a look that we won't be able to give without serious consequences them because of corruption, production falling. It is diversion against Russia. The mortgage and consumer loan generates inflation, increase in prices and pushes people to live beyond means. It is the catalyst of future financial crisis and a source of unearned enrichment of banks. It is necessary to oblige banks to give in this case the credit on conditions on which obtain the credit from the Central Bank, and also to reduce their socially important activity, with the relation of the state corresponding to them. Banks have to invest means in specific projects, provide with an available and cheap loan on production development. In this case to increase their socially important activity and according to the relation to them of the state and society. Banks have to take active part in formation of the country and have at the same time worthy remuneration, but not to be a usurer. It is necessary to reduce, or not to levy taxes on funds the productions allocated for development (including on research works and introduction of new technologies).

All have to live on means which earn. The state has to help only those who can't for the objective reasons the work earn. The state has to provide protection of the country against external and internal enemies, create mutually advantageous working conditions, strict implementation of laws, guarantee protection against monopolies, officials and bandits. It is necessary to punish severely for all types of fraud, and crime against the personality, able to result in harm of health, to carry to especially serious crime with the maximum punishment.


It is necessary to make to "Groups of experts" the analysis that it is more favorable to the state. The high internal energy cost resulting in high prime cost of products and to receive means from a tax which are irrationally used. Or the low price of energy carriers the reducing product cost increasing competitiveness of the Russian production and also an opportunity to producers to develop production. I think that the choice will be unambiguous in favor of the last decision.


All organizations defining development of all branches of the country need to be reoriented on the solution of the main tasks on development of national economy, for the benefit of producers, science, education, society, but not on receiving profit. It is gas, oil, power, the State Bank, Sberbank and others. At the same time legislatively to consider the interests of owners of these organizations. For example, reputable Sberbank get considerable profit on the activity, but don't contribute to the development of business. A low rate on deposits, high on the credits, an extortionate exchange rate on foreign currency. Of course, he does it for the benefit of the state, but it is, in my opinion, not an effective way.

Now deputies of all levels try to fill up the budget for implementation of these or those obligations to the population fixed legislatively. Here both try to discover, and make sometimes decisions, not popular in the people, impose surtaxes, a various sort requisitions, etc., than significantly prevent people to work and make. At the same time the most part of the received means leaves on compensation of officials, and sometimes are spent not rationally. We ruin "chicken who lays gold eggs". It is necessary to create conditions that more favorable it was fair to work, but not to steal from the state. Now it is fairly difficult to work for us.


Reform can be undertaken only in the conditions of stability. In the conditions of the Russian democracy we have lost the Soviet Union and we can lose Russia.


Yours faithfully I.V. Kuznetsov


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