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620143  Ekaterinburg

Pobedy Street 51 - 87


I invented and patented the new “Fuel Combustion Method” in Russia (Kuznetsov's SDG system). Details set out in the attached files. Kuznetsov, what is the furnace, abbreviated and (Compare. Boilers of different systems), on the basis of this method many questions are solved:
Invented by me and in Russia patented “Sunny Kuznetsov Vegetarian” (winter greenhouse). The invention is intended for year-round use on. most of the middle part, the territory of Russia, including the northern territories, with maximum use of local fuel resources in the furnace. Details set out in the attached file. Sunny Kuznetsova Vegetarian;
I am close to solving the problem of separating C02 from flue gases in the Kuznetsov SDG system, due to the natural laws of nature, when burning non-renewable energy sources;
In the system of SDG Kuznetsov, you can create an infinite number of heat generators of various functional purposes and capacities of both residential and industrial use. We can heat any object by volume. It is possible to maintain the required temperature in the cooking chamber during the day, in the winter, the oven will heat the room and ventilate in the summer.
The works on the development of stoves of the SDG Kuznetsov system I have performed have found wide distribution in the world, this is the tip of the Iceberg. Gasification of fuel in the SDG system is at the initial level. Although there has already been a practical result on the installation of charcoal charcoal. This is the bottom of the iceberg, requiring development. The result of the development of gasification in the SDG system may exceed all expectations. Many issues of gasification, fuel and biological waste, with the regulation of the pyrolysis process. My articles are presented on the site http://stove.ru.

Regards, I.V. Kuznetsov